Addendum on Security

In the interest of smart contract security and the current best practices as of Solidity v0.8 [⇗], we have taken several steps which include but are not limited to the following:

Timelock & Multisig on Access Roles for Token

We have created an initial council of key members of the BreederDAO ecosystem and external representatives of the decentralized blockchain community. It is tasked with safeguarding emergency functionalities and acting swiftly in the event of bug bounty findings, MEV risks, and the like.

The BREED token contract inherits from ERC20Votes in order to enable governance capabilities, which, as part of its spec, provides mint and burn functionalities. The DAO maintains the token contract through the delegation of authority to a council multisig comprised of the following gatekeepers. A timelock contract set with a 48 hour-window has also been implemented for the delayed execution of functions. A proposal for renouncing ownership of the token contract and/or modifying council members will be pushed forth after the TLA.

Renz Chong of BreederDAO: 0x17185819c951dB8b27232fff2Ff2C08df57a32FC

Gabby Dizon of YGG: 0x7405Fe24003A50e4f4117D35E9b5a9f5E512fEdE Yan Liberman of Delphi Digital: 0x448F560Dd1B0b0e7bB2A6A28EbCB43AD5B52d40B

Nico Odulio of BreederDAO: 0x0C5613720909F28E63B02410189ebAb8fac88Cb0

Baek Kim of Hashed: 0x9cd01d8db4A0eE89d78E5458fAE238Cc96d0a00e

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