DAO Autonomy and Governance

As a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), BreederDAO is focused on ensuring that the governance tokens are distributed to community members who will use the service and take an active role in future decision-making. $BREED token holders will be encouraged to take an active role in the governance of the DAO, especially as it relates to asset production lines.

In the initial stages, BreederDAO will be focused on exploring and implementing various DAO solutions that will allow the team to automate processes related to the internal treasury and production capacity. These aspects of the business can fully benefit from the autonomous nature of the DAO.

The BreederDAO core team will initially bootstrap the DAO’s breeding and crafting strategies. This aspect of governance will become decentralized in a phased approach as the DAO tooling is developed and able to integrate with and fulfill the needs of the DAO’s production systems.

It is the vision of BreederDAO that members will be able to create their own breeding and crafting strategies that they can submit as a proposal for DAO members to vote on. The objective is to fully automate, as much as possible, the operational activity of BreederDAO by focusing on smart contract integration into the production lines. The goal is to eventually have the BreederDAO Production Lines, Chutes, Spoils and Machinery all connected via autonomous smart contracts.

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