BreederDAO Chutes

IBO (Initial Breeding Offerings)

If a particular individual or guild wants to guarantee access to one of the first batch of manufactured assets lines of a new production line, they may opt to stake a portion of their $BREED tokens via the BreederDAO Chute program. Where BreederDAO has access to genesis assets for highly anticipated games that are about to launch, the first generation of assets produced will be allocated proportionally to the stakers.

The staking for BreederDAO Chutes follows an Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) oversubscription format where the percentage of total Chute staking pool that a customer has at the end of the staking period determines the percentage of the initial BreederDAO Chute breed round that the customer will receive (rounded down to whole numbers as NFTs are indivisible). The staked tokens will be locked for a time period determined initially by the team, then passed on to the DAO in the long run.

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