Enterprise Clients

BreederDAO has formalized relationships with 10 prominent guilds in the play-to-earn industry, including Yield Guild Games, one of the pioneers in the space. BreederDAO data scientists work with the executives, gaming leads and esports teams within these guilds to design extensive trait propagation plans tailored to fit their own strategic approach to gameplay. The needs of elite esports tend to diverge from the mass market scholarship configurations. Player skill and strategic gameplay ability are factors considered in selecting the best-fit build.

BreederDAO has agreements in place to provide game assets for guilds in the illustration below. These agreements support any in-house breeding programs to facilitate growth.

While guilds are the initial primary client base for BreederDAO, the services offered by BreederDAO are by no means limited to this market. BreederDAO is able to service individuals and small self-organizing guilds who wish to engineer their assets for optimal yield generation.

To illustrate the depth of asset demand within the micro-guild and personal player market, tokenized guilds currently only account for less than 3% of the 3 million daily active users (DAU) of Axie Infinity. And while Axie Infinity is the market leader, it is only one of 1,300 play-to-earn games.

BreederDAO will open its services and software up to cater to the long-tail of emerging guilds and enable games to scale demand beyond the top guilds to generate continuous growth in the entire play-to-earn ecosystem.

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