BreederDAO Production Lines

Vote to Produce

As one of the core aspects of the business, the BreederDAO Production Lines will be one of the first elements to integrate into the DAO. Each Production Line will be configured in a manner where the DAO contributors, or holders of the $BREED token — to standardize with the rest of the whitepaper - can vote on what resources should be allocated to producing which assets. These production lines would work in a manner similar to Tokemak reactors whereby token holders would cast their vote by staking BREED in favor of the game-specific asset in the BreederDAO Production Line. A portion of the BreederDAO ecosystem fund would be allocated to reward active participation in the governance of the BreederDAO Production Lines.

Initially, the core team will whitelist products and assets that can be added as production lines; however, in the future, it may be possible for any DAO member to suggest an asset class to be included as a BreederDAO Production Line. Key criteria for initial inclusion will include current liquidity in terms of both assets and demand-side player liquidity, forecasted user growth, return on investment period and overall health of the particular game’s economy.

There will also be a maximum cap for each production line, which will likely start out small and can grow based on the criteria above. The Production Line vote period and associated rewards is likely to incentivize projects looking to scale quickly and reward their token holder to promote BreederDAO as a mechanism to receive additional benefit from holding the game-specific tokens.

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