BreederDAO Machinery

Virtual Capacity

BreederDAO aims to make the tools and technology built in-house be available to all its members. Aside from providing game statistics of tokens and market liquidity across games (e.g. minted versus burnt for reward tokens), products such as asset searcher tools (e.g. filtering for specific dominant and recessive traits) will be made available to the members of the DAO who hold a specified amount of $BREED.

In the future, members of the DAO will also be able to gain access to mass production tools by staking the tokens and the production capacity or the number of assets a member can produce will be correlated to the amount of token staked.

Although the initial goal of BreederDAO is to be a digital asset factory, it will eventually supply to other platforms in need of assets to fulfill growing demand in the space. BreederDAO has the capability to become a factory of factories looking to increase their capacity. Access to this virtual capacity will be correlated to the amount of $BREED tokens staked. The more $BREED that is staked, the more assets that user can generate.

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