Token Issuance & Tokenomics
Token Name:
Token Token Symbol:
Token Supply:


205,000,000 - 20.5% of total allocation
Participants in the Seed and Series A investment rounds will receive 10% of their token allocation at TGE. The remaining 90% will have a one-year lockup period, after which their $BREED tokens vest linearly for a further two years. A small strategic round was offered with 5% of their token allocation unlocked at TGE, and the remaining 95% will have a four month lockup period, after which their $BREED tokens vest linearly for a further two years.


160,000,000 - 16% of total allocation
$BREED tokens alloted for members of the founding team and core team will have a two-year lockup period, after which the tokens vest linearly for a further three years.


40,000,000 - 4% of total allocation
Advisory tokens will have a one year cliff followed by a linear release over a one year period.

Ecosystem Development

300,000,000 - 30% of total allocation
The remaining 30% of the $BREED tokens will be held in treasury. An initial 10% will be made available on TGE. with 10% more unlocking every quarter after until the full 100% is unlocked. It will be used to develop the ecosystem and reward active participation in the DAO. The ecosystem development pool will be utilized to underpin the various initiatives outlined in this document and other initiatives put forward by the DAO community in the future. The ecosystem development fund is budgeted over a five-year period; however, this may be extended if the DAO is to vote that the BreederDAO ecosystem is sufficiently self-sustaining in the fourth and fifth years.


250,000,000 - 25% of total allocation
The treasury is subject to a six month cliff followed by a 10% release every quarter. These will be used in the future for operational and strategic initiatives as required. Future use may include, but is not limited to, token swaps between strategic partners or acquisition of game assets .

Public Sale

45,000,000 - 4.5% of total allocation
The remaining 4.5% of the $BREED tokens will be sold with no lockup period and no vesting condition to the public.