Executive Team

Renz Chong Chief Executive Officer Renz Chong is a former consultant and brings over five years of experience in the fields of growth strategy, data science and machine learning, blockchain, DeFi, and NFT portfolio management.
Jeth Ang Chief Operations Officer Jeth Ang has significant experience as an entrepreneur, having founded six companies that have a positive cash flow. He has over eight years of experience working with crypto, finance and markets, and is also an experienced trader, NFT collector and a P2E guild leader.
Nico Odulio
Chief Technology Officer Nico Odulio is the in-house broad tech expert and is well versed in blockchain, having deployed full-stack decentralized applications and smart contracts across several chains such as Binance Smart Chain, EOS and Ethereum.
Nigel Rimando
Head of Data Nigel Rimando is a data professional with over six years of experience in tech startups including Uber and Mynt (GCash). He focuses on data democratization through building infrastructure, empowering strategy and analytics, and developing data-driven products.
Gillian Pua Head of Marketing & Communications
With over five years of experience in brand and business strategy development and execution across different industries, Gillian served as a Brand Manager for FMCG MNCs before transitioning to brand consulting, providing market research, strategic brand building, communications, and GTM strategies to some of the biggest MNCs and local firms in the Philippines.
Mabee Clemente Head of Business Development Mabee Clemente brings over six years of experience as an investment professional, having transacted in a variety of sectors including renewable energy, oil & gas and logistics.
Jovan Que Head of Growth Jovan Que headed the digital transformation of the life insurance arm of the #1 bank in the Philippines. He is also an entrepreneur, founder of Cloud Memorials, and an avid investor in crypto and equities since 2014.